Hard Reset

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Hard Reset is a science fiction thriller set in the near future. It is a standalone sequel to Roy’s previous novel The Anomaly Problem.

Lifelong criminal Cadence is in hiding from Homeland Security, working for an aging drug organization in the California desert, where she dreams of getting ahead—or getting out. Meanwhile, in New Orleans, Cat inadvertently falls in with Anomaly, the resistance group believed to be responsible for bombing Chicago three months earlier. But Anomaly may not be what they seem.

They might be worse.

About Hard Reset

When the city is evacuated, Cat is happy to follow the rules and leave New Orleans with everyone else. Instead, she finds herself mixed up with Anomaly, the domestic terror group responsible for the bombing in Chicago three months ago—or so the world believes. It’s the last place she wants to be, and after everything she’s seen, they aren’t willing to let her walk away.

For Cadence, the middle of nowhere seemed like a good place to lay low, but staying off Homeland Security’s radar is tricky, especially if her bosses continue to make deals with the local Anomaly contingent. She survives by working for an aging drug organization, and getting ahead means going after the ones in charge. But she’s not the only one scheming.

And while Anomaly’s leaders fight over their next move, its supporters are hungry to give the country the hard reset they believe it needs, and with the leading terrorist hunter distracted by his own troubles, there may not be anyone who can stop them.