The Sci-Fi Shopping Season

Books make great gifts. I’ve said that before, I know. Every writer says that.

If you can swing it, a pile of sci-fi books for everyone on your shopping list will not only brighten their Holiday, it’ll help out a bunch of struggling authors, too. Times are tough for everyone. Okay, maybe not everyone. Some writers are still taking beach vacations. Part of their process, I suppose.

There is, as there always is, a push to support independent bookstores during these trying times. It’s a fine idea. I personally would rather give (and get) ebooks this Holiday Season, because it means no delivery people have to come to my house. But I know there are lots of folks who enjoy giving (and getting) physical books instead. It’s sorta nice to watch someone unwrap a gift, isn’t it? Even if it’s over a Zoom call? And while there could be wrapping paper involved in the ebook-giving thing, it’s not the same. It’s up to you.

If you have a favorite independent bookstore, see if they can order those physical books for you. They can buy at a discount, sell at the cover price, and make a profit, keeping them in business. And that’ll feel good. But they may not be able to get every book you want, particularly books by independently-published authors. Ask anyway, and if they can’t make it work, don’t give up. Just order the books from Amazon or wherever. It’ll be fine.

Below are links to purchase my books. Yes, they’re all Amazon links. You don’t mind, do you?

That’s all for now. Have a safe Holiday Season. And you know what I mean when I say safe, right? Wearing masks, social distancing, all that. I promise, we can beat Covid, and quickly, if we work together.

(Image by monicore from Pixabay)

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