My Favorite Film Extraterrestrials, Species Number 3: The Strangers from ‘Dark City.’

You’ve seen what we are. We use your dead as vessels.

-Mr. Hand

Continuing with my favorite extraterrestrial species on film, we have at the number three spot the Strangers from Dark City.

On screen, the Strangers are just pale, creepy, bald humans dressed in black. The alien part of them lives inside, off-screen for most of the film. They’ve got telepathic powers, share a single set of memories, and have gone through a heck of a lot of trouble to study our humanity. But the real reason they’re on this list is the performance of Richard O’Brien as Mr. Hand. By the way, you’ve gotta see the Director’s Cut if you haven’t already.

I first saw this excellent movie in a run-down four-screen theater outside Pittsburgh. Couldn’t have asked for a better atmosphere, actually. Eight years or so later, I was working at that same theater as the general manager. Yes, I was the boss. Imagine that.

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