A Special Halloween Deal and My Favorite Film Extraterrestrials

Halloween Sale

I know The Altars isn’t a particularly spooky or scary story, but there’s already enough fear- and horror-inducing stuff in the world right now. If you’re like me, you’ll be looking for some fun this Halloween, and that’s what The Altars delivers.

Get the Kindle Edition of The Altars for only $2.99, now through October 31st.

And for my friends in the UK, the Kindle Edition of The Altars is on sale for £1.99 through 31 October.

From the back cover:

Dozens of flying saucers have landed all over the world. As UFO enthusiasts and selfie-seekers flock to the landing sites, Earth’s governments attempt to make contact, without success.

While the world waits for communication from the saucers, Wyck Phillips has a hunch their appearance may have something to do with the Altars, like the one his father brought home from the war.

To find out, he brings the Altar to tech journalist Sandra Park, who’s been tracking the mysterious, otherworldly devices her whole career. With the arrival of the flying saucers, she may finally get her answers.

But will anyone on Earth still be around to read her story?

When you’re done reading it, don’t forget to leave a review!

My Favorite Film Extraterrestrials

Halloween is a time for spooky movies, and I’ll be watching a few, but I usually throw in some of my favorite sci-fi films, too. And in the days leading up to Halloween, I’ll be counting down my five favorite film extraterrestrials on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, plus right here on my blog, starting on Tuesday. Here’s a preview: E.T. is not among them. Follow me on social media so you don’t miss out.

I hope you remember to have a little fun this week, but don’t forget to vote. And get your flu shot. And wear a mask. And practice social distancing. Yes, I know it sucks. We’ve got a good chance at stomping this COVID thing into oblivion, but we’ve gotta work together. Listen to the scientists and the doctors. Don’t be a dick.

See you next time.

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