Sci-fi that’ll make you smile.

My wife suggested I use this image.

Something spectacular is taking shape.

First of all, what’s everybody reading? I decided to re-read Douglas Adams’ The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. And of course, you can’t stop at just one Douglas Adams book, so I’m working through the whole Hitchhiker series. They never fail to put me in a better mood.

Not that my mood was altogether terrible. Believe it or not, before this pandemic hit, I had already started working on being a more positive and optimistic person. Okay, perhaps less negative and less pessimistic is more accurate. My goal is to be present, to live only in the moment. Some people say “the glass is half-full,” others say “the glass is half-empty, and I’m learning to simply say “the glass is.”

Does that make sense?

Because of this, my outlook is a bit less doom-and-gloom, and that means I’m in a better place to spread some good vibes. Best way I can do that? Write something fun. Writing’s my only marketable skill, after all.

At the beginning of the month, once the initial shock of worldwide catastrophe wore off a little, I started writing a new piece of sci-fi. I may have mentioned that last time. In fact, I’m sure I mentioned it. What I didn’t mention was that the thing I’m writing is actually a complete, full-length novel. Now that’s exciting.

Here’s what I’ll say about this new story: It’s fun, it’s funny, and I’m breaking some of my own rules to write it. It’ll make you smile. And while it’s very much “of the moment,” it’ll still be a nice escape. I promise.

Want to know more? Well, you can’t. Not yet.

When I have news (and it’ll be soon), the best and fastest way to get it is to sign up for The List.

Talk to you soon. I know, I said that last time. I’m too busy to think of a clever sign-off.

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