Updates from isolation (new sci-fi incoming).

This is the easiest saving of humanity ever.

-a friend, via text message, regarding the stay-at-home order.

First thing’s first: You can still set your own price for The Anomaly Problem and Hard Reset over on Smashwords. Get a couple of great sci-fi thrillers for free, or $5, or $1,000. It’s up to you.

By the way, as I don’t have access to individual customer data, even if I cared to look (which I don’t), I can’t possibly know what you spent on my books, so there’s no need to feel guilty for paying nothing. Just pick ’em up and make sure you read ’em.

Moving on. How’s it feel to live through a future history lesson?

I’ve tried to keep busy during this period of worldwide peril, because that’s what works for me. Being productive may not be what works for you. That’s okay. We’re all handling this slow-motion trauma differently. You do you. A lot of jackasses out there are trying make others feel bad for not being creative enough or for not chasing their better selves. Don’t let them get you down for taking care of yourself.

The upside of my productivity is that I will soon have some new sci-fi to share with the world, something fun and—best of all—affordable. ‘Cause financially, times are tough for many of us.

If you’re signed up for The List, you’ll get the news first. Not signed up? Go here and fix that. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait for my social media announcements, which is kinda lame. The List is not only cooler, it’s faster.

Take care your yourselves and each other. Stay home if you can, watch your ass if you can’t. Talk to you soon.

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