Gratitude for my fans: the ‘Hard Reset’ ebook is 50% off through Sunday.

It’s here again, the frantic blur of the Holiday Season. Isn’t it weird how the last five or six weeks of the year can pass so quickly and at the same time feel like a goddamn eternity?

First up, we have Thanksgiving, followed immediately by the start of the shopping season. Ugh.

You know, every year it’s the same damn thing. The holidays seem to bring with them a lot of misery and discomfort, don’t they? People talk about it all the time, the tense, awkward family get-togethers, the frustrating, ruinously-expensive shopping trips. What’s the point? Why do we put ourselves through that?

I can’t help you with the family part. But maybe I can help with the shopping part. See, I’m not big on gifts, and if I was ever asked to come up with some kind of holiday wish-list, it would say only one thing: books.

Specifically, I would only want ebooks under my non-existent Christmas tree. How do you put ebooks under a tree? I don’t know. But that’s all I’d want.

And that’s what I would recommend for you: buy your friends and family ebooks this holiday season. You won’t have to leave your house, you won’t add to the misery of Amazon’s warehouse workers, and just think of the enrichment you’ll be providing your loved ones.

I’ll get you started: My new novel, Hard Reset, is on sale for 50% off, now through Sunday, only at If you’re not familiar with Smashwords, it’s a great place to buy ebooks. And speaking as an author, they’ve never been anything less than a joy to work with. What more can you ask?

You can pick up a copy for yourself, or buy one for a friend (click the ‘Give as a Gift’ button), or both. Buying a copy of Hard Reset from Smashwords gets you a DRM-free EPUB file that can be opened on a wide range of devices.

Have a safe holiday, y’all.

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