What is ‘Hard Reset’?

Hard Reset is a science fiction thriller that takes place in the near future, and is the second novel in a planned trilogy. The book continues some of the same themes—crime, domestic terrorism, and the government’s response to domestic terrorism—from the first book, while also examining the impact on the average citizen.

Hard Reset takes place three months after the events of The Anomaly Problem. You won’t need to have read the earlier book to enjoy Hard Reset, as it follows different protagonists and a new storyline.

In Hard Reset, the people of the United States are still reeling from a terror attack in Chicago allegedly carried out by Anomaly, the country’s biggest and most popular resistance group. Anomaly, as a group, has its share of troubles, not the least of which is the disagreement among its leaders about the group’s direction.

The events of Hard Reset are told through the viewpoints of two characters: Cat Dades, a massage therapist living in New Orleans; and Cadence (who was a secondary character in The Anomaly Problem), a courier for an aging drug organization in the California desert. Behind-the-scenes fun-fact: in some of the earlier drafts, there were as many as five protagonists. After much editing, there are now only two, but they’re by far the best two.

Cat lives with her girlfriend Liz in New Orleans, a city that’s about to see a lot of Anomaly-related action. And of course, Cat wants no part of it. Complying with the Homeland Security-mandated evacuation, however, isn’t very appealing, either.

Cadence’s story begins in California, in the Salton Sea area. Being undocumented, there isn’t much she can do to survive. Under the supervision of her neighbor Harsh, she earns her keep delivering loads of drugs to nearby Palm Springs. But even in the desert, she can’t hide from Homeland Security, or from the plots and schemes of Anomaly’s leaders.

And what’s Anomaly’s ultimate goal? You’ll have to read the book. You can preview the first two chapters here, and if you’ve got one of Apple’s i-devices, you can check out an even bigger sample from Apple Books.

Hard Reset officially comes out on November 12, 2019, is available in ebook formats from retailers everywhere, including Smashwords, Amazon, Kobo, and Apple Books, and in paperback from Amazon.

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