‘The Anomaly Problem’ gets a new edition.

You may have noticed, if you’ve been poking around my webpage or my Goodreads page, that my first novel has a new look. It’s not the only change you’ll see with that particular book.

Yes, a new edition The Anomaly Problem is now available.

With the forthcoming release of the standalone sequel, The Anomaly Problem has gotten a new cover, to better match the stark, minimalist look used on the cover of Hard Reset. In addition, the paperback has been redesigned to match the dimensions and style of Hard Reset. They’ll look great on a shelf together.

Inside, The Anomaly Problem has been very slightly tweaked. A couple of errors were corrected, and while I didn’t go full George Lucas on it, I did let my ego win on a few issues I had with the content. But we’re talking very small things here. It’s the same book. If you’ve already read it, the new edition will not give you a new experience.

For those who purchased the old edition, listen up: with the publication of the new edition, the old one is no longer available.

  • If you bought the Kindle edition on Amazon, you should receive an updated copy of The Anomaly Problem in your library.
  • If you bought the ebook anywhere else, unfortunately there’s no way to automatically update your version. Not to worry: get in touch with me and I’ll take care of it.

If you bought the old edition on paperback, I’ve got a deal for you. Get in touch, send me a photo of your copy of the paperback, and I’ll sell you a signed copy of the new edition for whatever Amazon charges me for an author copy, plus shipping. I’ll do this through the end of November 2019.

Links to purchase The Anomaly Problem can be found here.

And don’t forget: Hard Reset hits the stores on November 12. Details here.

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