Sobriety Friday: Milestone.

For those expecting a “Sci-Fi Friday” post, normal service will resume next week.

Today’s kinda special, though. Today, for me, marks three years of sobriety. I’m celebrating with tap water.

soberI think the world’s gonna get higher quality sci-fi from me because I quit drinking. Writing, it turns out, is easier while sober. Who knew? Yes, I know there are plenty of writers who keep themselves soaked in drink while they write. Doesn’t work for me. In fact, I think drinking was actually preventing me from growing as a writer, from getting better. Can’t have that, can I?

After three years, I know I haven’t won. But I’m winning. And that’s pretty good. Staying sober may have gotten a little easier, but I still have moments of panic when I’m in situations where alcohol is freely available and the social atmosphere is such that my brain starts wishing for a little something to take the edge off. Of course, with me, it was never just a “little something.”

I should mention that I’m not one of those “alcohol is evil” people. Lots of people can enjoy responsibly, or can at least make themselves think they can. Either way, I don’t judge. But drinking just ain’t for me.

If you think you might have a drinking problem, help is available. Check out for resources near you.

Stay safe, and I’ll see you next week.

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