Updates on everything.


My hands have not been idle. Sure, I may goof off on Twitter more often than is healthy, but I’ve been plenty busy besides. Here’s a quick update on what’s been going on:

  • The novel – It’s still in progress. Since posting about bringing it back to rough-draft status, I’ve been working on editing and rewriting that mess of a draft. Remember, I basically wrote an entirely new novel using only scraps from the old work-in-progress. I’m optimistic about completing this current draft by the end of the year. Like my first book, it will be self-published, but I don’t know when. As soon as it’s ready. Probably some time in 2019. Which sounds way more futuristic than it actually is.
  • Short Stories – In that same post, I mentioned I wrote a few short stories. These are being shopped around to various science fiction-themed magazines. There was a bit of a delay while many of those magazines closed their submissions for the summer, but they’re back open now and my stories are making the rounds. If you’re not familiar with the process, an author can usually only submit to one magazine at a time, and they have to wait for a rejection before sending the story to the next magazine on the list. It’s time-consuming, but that’s just how things are. And it’s fine. I’m a patient dude. Besides, I used the time wisely. I sent the stories to a few awesome beta-readers I recruited on Twitter and Facebook to get some feedback for a final round of edits. Their insight was invaluable, and I ended up with some killer stories I hope to share with the world soon. I did post a neat little flash-fiction story on my blog, which you can read here.
  • Music – Did you know that, aside from being a science fiction writer, I’m also a musician? I’ve been playing guitar since I was eleven and have been practicing like mad every day for the last few years, developing my own style and composing a handful of tunes. I’ve also learned some other instruments and have a modest home recording setup (I don’t sing, alas). You could call my music “progressive rock” if you really wanted to put a label on it. I hope to share some of this awesomeness soon, but I find that I’m even more nervous about letting people hear my music than I was about letting people read my stories. Weird. Anyway, stay tuned.
  • Personal life – None of your business, blog-readers. Seriously, it’s all pretty uninteresting anyway. But trust me, I’m keeping busy.

Look for a minor website redesign in the near future, along with a sign-up for an email list, a new Facebook page, and the usual stuff on Twitter and Instagram. Or maybe it’ll be better stuff.

UPDATE: You can stay up to date on everything heading your way from me by clicking here.

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