Special Hardcover Edition of ‘The Anomaly Problem’ is Available for Pre-order! Plus Expanded Ebook Availability!

I know. Usually, the hardcover edition of a book comes out first, followed by the paperback at some later date. Why am I doing it backwards? Basically, no one told me not to.

The Anomaly Problem is being released as a special hardcover edition on June 13th. What makes it special? I’ve included the prologue story “The Hillerman Job,” which you won’t be able to get in print anywhere else. Already bought a paperback or an ebook edition? You can read “The Hillerman Job” here. The hardcover edition will be available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other fine book retailers all over the world. You can even pre-order it if you want. And you KNOW you want.

But wait: There’s more!

AP_Cover_GoodreadsThe Anomaly Problem will also be available as a new ebook edition, and you’ll be able to buy it everywhere. And I do mean everywhere. What’s so new about it? You’ll be able to read it on something that’s NOT a Kindle! Also, all editions are getting a new cover. Why a new cover? Why not?

If you need more convincing, I’ve taken the liberty of putting together some photos showing the new hardcover edition in the real world. Clicking the images might make them bigger.

Here’s what it would like on the beach:


Here it is on the floor of a city bus:


And here it is left behind on a business-class airline seat while its owner visits the can:


To recap: new hardcover and worldwide ebook editions will be available for purchase on June 13th. And all editions are getting the new cover. Neat, huh?

So go buy it. And tell your friends. And leave a review. And feel free to let me know on Twitter what you thought of the book. Your adoration sustains me.

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