Your favorite album.

About a year ago, my wife and I went to Cardiff, Wales to see Funeral For a Friend. Yes, we went all the way to the UK just to see a band. I was drunk when I made the plans and bought the tickets. Not that I regret it. That trip was awesome, and the shows (they played two nights) were amazing. But I don’t drink anymore.

On the first night, there was a guy who started chatting with me while we were waiting for the show to start. Once he heard my American accent, I think he figured I wasn’t really a fan. The shitbird starting quizzing me about the band. He then asked me which of theirs was my favorite album. My response, naturally, didn’t satisfy him. He shook his head, disappointed. His favorite was their first album. That, of course, could be the only correct answer, were I a “true” fan.

We run into this sort of thing all the time here in the States, don’t we? We’ve got plenty of the “I only like their earlier stuff” people over here. The thing that I don’t understand is this: if a band peaks with their first album, why would you go see one of their shows after they’d put out another five or six or eight albums? They’ve only gotten worse, right? Why waste your time and money?

And I really hate it when someone tries to call my fandom into question. From now on, whenever someone asks what my favorite album is, my answer will be “whichever one will make you go away the quickest without a lecture.” That way, no one has to get hurt.

And for the record, I LOVED Wales and England.

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