A new way to get ‘The Anomaly Problem.’


You can now get a copy of The Anomaly Problem directly from me, signed and personalized. So if you don’t have an Amazon account, or you have a moral/ethical objection to Amazon (I don’t judge), you can still get my book in paperback. Of course, if you prefer the ebook edition, you’ll still need to get that from Amazon for now. Sorry.

Click the Buy Now button below to buy The Anomaly Problem through PayPal. No PayPal account? You can use your credit card through the same system. No credit card? It’s 2017, get with the program.

The price per copy is $9.95, plus $6.65 shipping, which is what the USPS told me it would be. I’ll send you an email after your purchase to ask what you’d like written in the book when I sign it. I’m not keeping your email addresses, so don’t worry about being added to mailing lists or anything. But I’ll need it to contact you about signing the book, so make sure you give me a real one.

The Anomaly Problem makes a great gift, and it’s not too early to start Christmas shopping or whatever.

Buy Now Button

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