The art of ‘The Anomaly Problem’ – the characters.

Last week I shared some concept art drawn for a now-defunct graphic novel project my brother Chris and I were going to undertake a few years ago. The storyline for that graphic novel became The Anomaly Problem, my debut science fiction novel. This week I’m sharing more concept art for, plus a bit of history behind, the characters of The Anomaly Problem.

The story for the graphic novel was born from a screenplay I wrote shortly after high school. The idea was to give my friends and I something creative to do. Really, though, we weren’t serious about any of it, so I wrote the thing without really thinking about logistics and practicality; there’s no way we would’ve been able to make this thing. It was just a fun thing to write, one of many such film-like projects that I wrote during that period of my life (I had briefly thought about going to film school).

The screenplay, for which I never had a title, told the story of Trevor and Eve, two high-school kids who spent their nights stealing from drug dealers. Trevor’s little brother Jeremy gets involved, and things turn violent. When it came time to resurrect that storyline, I was a bit older and bit wiser, and I wondered what those characters would be like later in life.

And that’s where we find those characters in The Anomaly Problem. They’re now life-hardened thirty-somethings. Just like me.

Before I sat down to write the novel, I rewrote that old screenplay as a short story. This served to figure out the tone of the novel, and neatly tells the characters’ backstories. You can read the story here.  And check out some more of the art created for the graphic novel, posted below. Click the images for bigger versions. Again, these images are the artist’s interpretations of my words, and not the other way around.

The Anomaly Problem is now available for Kindle devices/apps and in paperback. Get it here.

Various, generic designs for Vecidio officers.
L to R: Carmen (in pencils); off-duty Vecidio officer; very early concept for Eve.

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