‘Lost Planet 3’ – a #BacklogSunday recap.

The setting for ‘Lost Planet 3’ is one of those sci-fi worlds I absolutely love. It’s an ice planet that some company is mining for resources. There are shades of ‘Alien’ and ‘Avatar.’ Pretty cool stuff.


You play as Jim Peyton, an engineer-for-hire who has come to this ice planet for work. In the process, you get to use your “rig,” a big mech-looking thing with a drill and a claw. Reminded me of ‘Robot Jox.’ Remember that flick? Of course, the rig in ‘Lost Planet 3’ isn’t set up for combat. You’ll use it to fix things, or to get places. Mostly to get places.

The base, Coronis, is built into the ice, a bunch of carved-out tunnels with stuff tacked to the walls. Clearly they used the ice planet of Hoth as reference. The whole place felt cold, cramped, and lived-in.

lp3_02The gameplay mostly consists of shooting aliens. You do fix a few things with your rig, but most of the time you’ll be shooting aliens. The objectives have you running in circles (one NPC comments that you appear to be “running laps”), so you’ll see a lot of the same scenery. And in between missions, you’re treated to pre-rendered cinematics, which don’t look any different on my PC (other than the compression) but run at a measly 30 frames per second. I hate that.

Overall, it’s a good game, though I wish there was a bit less of the alien-killing so I could relax and enjoy the world. Oh well. I’ll be back next week, 7pm-ish on Twitter, for another Backlog Sunday. (UPDATE: Backlog Sunday is on hiatus. I’ll need my Sundays for writing.)

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