The art of ‘The Anomaly Problem’ – concepts, plus an origin story.

Before I get to the artwork, I should make it clear that The Anomaly Problem doesn’t have any pictures or drawings in it, just words. Lots of words.

Unlike the recruiting poster I posted last time, this stuff was created long before I wrote the novel. See, the story behind The Anomaly Problem is actually quite old and has evolved through a few forms. More on that another time, but for now, all you need to know is that a few years ago, my brother Chris and I were deep into the pre-production on a graphic novel. He’s an artist, I’m a writer. Made perfect sense.

For one reason or another, the project fizzled out and was shelved by both of us. When I decided to write a novel, I immediately thought of that old storyline. That meant I could use some of the concept art Chris created for the graphic novel to get in the spirit of writing. And now, I can share the art with the world. Keep in mind that this stuff is his own interpretation of my words, not the other way around.

Click the images below for bigger versions. I’ll be sharing more concept art next week, plus a bit more about the story of The Anomaly Problem.

You can grab a copy of The Anomaly Problem on Amazon.

The story has a lot of gunplay, so we needed weapons. The ones on the left are the sort of guns Anomaly would use. The right are Vecidio’s.
I made this in Blender based on the concept above. I was going to use it for the cover, but I changed the idea behind it.
A concept for the Philadelphia scene at the beginning, which changed a bit for the novel.

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