‘The Anomaly Problem’ is NOW AVAILABLE!

Yes, folks, that’s an exclamation point in the title of this post. It’s an exciting time over here. The Anomaly Problem is now available for Kindle devices/apps and in paperback. Get it here from Amazon.


The Anomaly Problem is a science fiction novel set in the near future. From the back cover:

The United States has a problem.

The country is living in the aftermath of a terror attack on Washington D.C. that took place ten years ago. The government believes a group called Anomaly is responsible for the attack. Anomaly’s an American product, the biggest name in Domestic Terrorism, and with their promise to bring down the oppressive U.S. Government, they’re gaining support among the people.

EVE is a former thief who learns of a potential big score and makes an impulsive play for it, but it isn’t what she thought it was, and profiting from it may not be what she wants. JEREMY CYRUS is a Homeland Security officer who has his eye on career advancement, and finding the leadership behind Anomaly is the key. TREVOR CYRUS is a hired gun trying to put some distance between himself and his psychotic bosses, but they’ve got one more job for him, and saying no isn’t an option.

With Anomaly gaining strength and more terror on the horizon, these three, with their shared pasts and chaotic presents, will converge around DESMOND, the thirteen-year-old subject of a psychological experiment who is only trying to survive after escaping captivity.

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