‘MouseCraft’ – a #BacklogSunday recap.

For last night’s Backlog Sunday videogame, I needed something low-impact. I’ve got something funky going on in my hand. Tendinitis, maybe. It’s affecting my thumb, the one that would normally operate the right stick on my trusty Xbox PC controller. So it had to be a point-and-click game.


‘MouseCraft’ is a puzzle game where you manipulate the environment using Tetris-like blocks in experiments meant to guide mice to cheese while avoiding hazards like long falls and mechanical mice. These “experiments” are being run by a cat scientist named Schrödinger. He’s apparently working on some sort of mouse-powered contraption, but that’s not important. This game is fun, challenging, and darn cute.

This is one of the games I got in a cat-themed Humble Bundle. The others will have to wait for another #BacklogSunday. Probably not next Sunday, though. I mean, two cat games in a row? I like cats, but I like variety more. See you then, 7pm-ish on Twitter.

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