‘The Anomaly Problem’ – the official playlist.

There were always two things I needed to do before I started writing for the day, two crucial steps I had to follow for optimal success.

First, brew some coffee. Second, queue some music.

PL_coverWhile writing ‘The Anomaly Problem,’ I drew a great deal of inspiration from the music I was listening to. I figured it’d be a good idea to put together a playlist of some of that music, something that could be considered a companion to the book.

I created the playlist on Spotify, but if that’s not your thing, here’s the official list:

  1. “The Ocean” by Tegan and Sara (Sainthood)1
  2. “Keywork Entity Extraction V: Sentry the Defiant” by Coheed and Cambria (The Afterman: Descension)
  3. “Aftertaste” by Funeral For a Friend (Welcome Home Armageddon)
  4. “Black Soap” by Ex Cops (Daggers)
  5. “Menofearthereaper” by Pop Will Eat Itself (Dos Dedos Mis Amigos)
  6. “Come Round Soon” by Sara Bareilles (Little Voice)
  7. “Under a Glass Moon” by Dream Theater (Images and Words)
  8. “All Hands on Deck Part 1: Raise the Sail” by Funeral For a Friend (Tales Don’t Tell Themselves)2
  9. “All Hands on Deck Part 2: Open Water” by Funeral For a Friend (Tales Don’t Tell Themselves)
  10. “Lie to Me” by Sara Bareilles (Once Upon Another Time)
  11. “No More Love” by God Lives Underwater (Empty)
  12. “Speak Slow” by Tegan and Sara (So Jealous)3
  13. “Welcome Home” by Coheed and Cambria (Good Apollo I’m Burning Star IV Volume One: From Fear Through The Eyes of Madness)
  14. “Red is the New Black” by Funeral For a Friend (Casually Dressed and Deep in Conversation)
  15. “Kimdracula” by Deftones (Saturday Night Wrist)


  1. Given that two of the first three chapters of the book (introducing two of the four protagonists) are set at sea, this one might seem a bit “on the nose.” I think, thematically, the song has more to do with one of the other characters.
  2. This song and the next are from FFaF’s concept album Tales Don’t Tell Themselves, a fantastic piece of art and a huge inspiration, possibly more than any of the others.
  3. This song is mentioned in the book, though not by title (identified as “upbeat” and as a Tegan and Sara song).


(Disclaimer: though it probably goes without saying, I’ll say it anyway: none of the bands endorse me or the book. Duh.)

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