‘Condemned: Criminal Origins’ – a #BacklogSunday recap.

I enjoy games where I get to play as a detective. ‘L.A. Noire,’ ‘Murdered: Soul Suspect,’ the evidence-gathering parts of the ‘Arkham’ games. I once considered becoming a private investigator, but a guy I knew in that business told me it was nothing but catching cheating spouses. Screw that. Like many of my other dead-and-buried hopes and dreams, videogames provide the answer. They help me fulfill the part of me that likes solving things. 


In ‘Condemned: Criminal Origins,’ you play as an FBI agent who uses sophisticated technology to gather evidence. Your gear is connected wirelessly to an FBI lab, so when you find something, you can immediately get it analyzed. Pretty neat. If the FBI really had that sort of tech, I would’ve been caught a long time ago! Wait, forget I said that.

While working on a case in the beginning of the game, you get interrupted by a bunch of crazy, drugged-out vagrants who attack you with pipes and boards. Then you get framed for the murder of two cops, and you have to prove your innocence. Along the way, you learn that you have certain abilities and instincts. Basically, the screen turns all grainy and some weird shit happens. I’ll need to keep playing to figure out what all that’s about.

‘Condemned’ has some great-looking environments, even with the dated graphics engine. There’s plenty of creepy stuff that happens, but none of that jump-scare crap. There’s a variety of melee weapons to pick up, some of which are needed to open certain doors. I got a little stuck a few times looking for the right tool (axe, crowbar, etc.), but not for long. Overall, I like the game, and I think I’ll keep playing it.

Next weekend is my birthday, so I think I’ll play some ‘Fallout 4’ and live-tweet that for a special Backlog Sunday. 7pm-ish on Twitter.

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