‘Dead Space’ – a #BacklogSunday recap.

I was reminded recently about a game called ‘Dead Space,’ a game I was interested in but never played. There’re lots of those, which is part of the reason I started doing this Backlog Sunday thing. And then I tend to buy games I’m interested in when they go on sale, regardless of whether I intent to play them anytime soon. Hence the Backlog.


Turns out I bought ‘Dead Space’ a while ago, though I don’t know when or for how much. Maybe it was one of Origin’s “On the House” games, which would make them enablers, if you ask me.

‘Dead Space’ takes place on a big spaceship. In space. And I LOVE space, even if I’m being hunted by scary creatures. Back in 2014 I named ‘Alien: Isolation’ Game of The Year. Remember? No? Well, ‘Dead Space’ reminds me a lot of that one (or the other way around), and it seems pretty clear the developers of the ‘Alien’ game took a good bit of inspiration from ‘Dead Space.’

‘Alien: Isolation,’ however, is WAY scarier.

DeadSpace_02Which isn’t to say ‘Dead Space’ doesn’t have its creepy moments. There’s just not much in the way of genuine frightening situations, at least in the first two chapters. I’m not sure why I was expecting them, but I was. Creatures fall out of ceilings and bust out of vents, but it ain’t scary. You can slow them down by blowing off legs, then stomp on their head to finish them off. The head-stomping thing is incredibly satisfying. Though I wouldn’t recommend trying it outside a game.

There’s an area of the ship without gravity that I thought was pretty cool. Then there are areas that are impassible because you can’t, for example, step over a box. I hate that crap. Never show me an area in a game that I can’t get to. ‘Alien: Isolation’ had that same problem. It’s a minor thing, but a major peeve.

I think I’ll probably keep playing ‘Dead Space,’ then maybe I can get to the sequels. But they’re not in my Backlog, so it’ll be something else next week, 7pm-ish on Twitter.

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