‘DmC: Devil May Cry’ – a #BacklogSunday recap.

After last week, I needed something a little less heavy, story-wise. The events of ‘Life Is Strange’ are still front-and-center in my mind. So I scoured my library looking for something heavy on action, something built more for fun and less for emotional response.


‘DmC: Devil May Cry’ is billed as a “reboot” of the old ‘Devil May Cry’ series. I didn’t play any of the previous games, though I did watch a friend play through one of the on the PS2. Can’t remember which one. I was never a big fan of these sorts of “hack-n-slash” games, particularly because of my crappy reflexes. I did enjoy the ‘Darksiders’ games, and I didn’t have too many problems playing ‘DmC,’ so maybe, like a single-malt Scotch, I’m improving with age.

DmC_Dante_walkIn ‘DmC,’ you play as Dante, a young, handsome man with a bad attitude and a big sword. And a scythe. And a sledgehammer-thing. And a pair of pistols. Dante is all swagger and style, and he’s got some impressive demon-killing skills.

You’re introduced to Dante after he’s taken two girls back to his trailer. A “hunter” has come for him, and you have to fight your way out of Limbo. You’re helped along by Kat, who introduces you to Vergil, the leader of an organization called the Order. You’re recruited to help bring down the demons that operate behind the scenes and control our world.

Dante isn’t fully onboard at first, but Vergil, once showing him their shared past, convinces him to help.  The demon-killing action takes place in Limbo, a creepy, hellish place that exists alongside the real world. Kat, with her psychic abilities, can see into Limbo and help Dante get in and out.

DmC_02The story is told through cut-scenes, lots of cut-scenes. Some of them are prerendered and run at a fixed 30fps, while the rest of the game and cut-scenes run at 60+fps. I don’t like it when games do that, especially when the prerendered stuff doesn’t really look any different than the real-time stuff. I’m sure they have their reasons. And some of the cut-scenes in ‘DmC’ are long. At least the animation, character design, and voiceover is all pretty good.

As the game progresses, you earn upgrades to your abilities and weapons, and you can unlock concept art, some of which I’ve included below, along with a few other images I grabbed from the game. The game bleeds style, with visually striking imagery set to the sounds of death-metal and dubstep. I love it.

‘DmC: Devil May Cry’ was a damn good selection for #BacklogSunday. I’ll have another next week, 7pm-ish on Twitter.



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