I make my selection for Game of the Year. Yet again.

First, a brief recap. My selection for Game of the Year back in 2013 was the excellent ‘Tomb Raider.’ Last year, it was ‘Alien: Isolation.’ My endorsement wasn’t added to EITHER games’ marketing materials. A grave injustice I won’t soon forget.

This year was a busy one for me, leaving very little time for videogames. Okay, that’s not entirely true. I played a TON of ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ for the PC. Most of it was just driving around listening to music, internally trying to work through problems with my novel. It’s like going for a drive in my Audi, only cheaper.

Going through the short list of the different games I played this year, two stand out. The first is ‘Dreamfall Chapters.’ Technically, Book One came out in 2014, but Two through Four were released in 2015, and Five will be out in 2016. That means three of the five Books were released in 2015, which makes ‘Dreamfall Chapters’ a 2015 release, right? Close enough. As I wrote before, ‘Dreamfall Chapters’ is awesome. I’ve been a fan of this world for a while, and playing this game is sort of like going home.

The other stand-out is my 2015 pick for Game of the Year: ‘Fallout 4.’


The last time I played it, which was at 2am the morning before I wrote this post, I’d logged 101 hours in the world of ‘Fallout 4.’ I’ve been able to do this because I’m in-between things with my novel (more on that later). It’s staggering to me how well this game holds my attention. You may have heard about a guy in Russia who is suing Bethesda, the maker of ‘Fallout 4,’ because the game is “so addictive” that it ruined his life. Dude skipped work and got fired, and also ignored his friends and family. For this, he wants money. All I can say is that if he actually does have a problem, I hope he gets some help. It’d be a better use of his time than sitting in some lawyer’s office.

fallout4_02‘Fallout 4’ is immensely satisfying. I love meeting people and helping them, or, as the case may be, shooting them with a bayoneted, glow-sighted combat shotgun. I love building settlements and giving my people a nice place to live (even though they don’t seem to appreciate the genius of my architecture or my eye for interior decorating). I love running around with a German Shepherd named Dogmeat, even though I’m not much of a dog person. And I love that I’m good at it. I’m better at the game than I am at my life.

So there you have it. Another year, another great game. May your pockets be full of caps and your path free of deathclaws.

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