I attended CONFLUENCE.

I’m in the Pittsburgh area, which is where my in-laws and one of my brothers live (not together). I used to live in this part of the world. Lots of memories. Some of them good.

Confluence took place over the weekend in Cranberry, PA, which is a bit north of Pittsburgh, though close enough to still be called “Pittsburgh” if you don’t live here. I tell people I used to live in Pittsburgh. It’s not true, but close enough.

Confluence is a science fiction and fantasy-themed conference for fans and authors of the genre. There’s also something called “filk” music, which is folk music with sci-fi lyrics. Neat stuff. I met some cool people, bought some books, and just enjoyed being around fans like me. This wasn’t the sort of place at which I could pitch my novel, but that’s okay. I learned a lot and managed to do some work in my hotel room after-hours.

The trip out here, much like the trip to Boston, was not without peril. My car’s windshield got hit with a rock, causing an ugly and quite large crack. It’s very hot, which means my clothes don’t last as long as they normally would (sorry for the imagery). There was other, family-related drama I won’t go into, but suffice it to say that my brain isn’t where it needs to be for the next part of my journey, which is the Writers Digest Conference in New York City. Tomorrow morning, I board a train to the Big Apple. That leaves the rest of today and the nine-hour Amtrak journey to get back into the proper mindset.

I still need to come up with a better elevator pitch for my book. I’m not happy with the one I have. I’ll be networking, handing out business cards, selling myself as an author and selling my book as the marketable masterpiece I know it to be. I’ve got some neat artwork to show off, too, stuff that goes with the book, so that’s a plus. It’ll be a busy few days, and I hope to learn a lot and make some friends. Stay tuned.

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