I attended READERCON.

Readercon advertises itself as having “a near-total focus on the written word.” This means there are no cosplay contests, no art show, nothing like that. Just the words. I like that.

In the weeks leading up to Readercon, it was announced that there would be an 80s dance on one of the nights. Just in case you thought it was a bunch of English Major types discussing grammar and symbolism. These people were great fun.

There were talks about a wide range of subjects. By far, my favorite talk was called “Zombies as a Crisis of the Ecosystem: A Holistic Perspective.” There were actual scientists having a serious chat about the crisis we might face if there were a zombie apocalypse. The different aspects of such a crisis could apply to a range of situations, but who doesn’t like zombies? I took lots of notes during that one.

They had a bookstore there, but I didn’t buy anything. Traveling light, you know.

The conference was near Boston, a city I’d never been to. The trip itself was fraught with peril. My hotel sucked, the cab driver got lost (why would a cab driver ask me where something was when I clearly have never been there?), and my flight home got diverted to Detroit due to weather. DETROIT! Overall, the experience was well worth it. I learned a lot and met some cool people. I’m looking forward to the next conference.

I know I gave the impression with my last post I was relying on the conference alone to get my book sold. But I’m also sending out query letters to agents, just to cover my bases. After all, it’s possible the right agent for me won’t be attending the conferences. So wish me luck.

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