I played ‘Dishonored,’ a #BacklogSunday re-cap.

Happy holidays! Or, if the holidays ain’t your thing, happy December!

I missed doing this last Sunday due to an unwelcomed case of the flu. I even got my flu shot this year. Just lucky, I guess. So my plan for last night was to play something on the PlayStation 3, but the disc drive decided it didn’t want to be a disc drive anymore. I’d already fixed my PS3 once, and I’m thinking I may need yet another drive assembly. Or maybe it just needs cleaned. Either way, any disc-based PS3 games will have to wait.


I remember looking forward to ‘Dishonored’ before it came out. I’d planned on getting it for the Xbox 360. For whatever reason, I dragged my feet for over a year before picking it up for the PC, probably on sale. You know how it is.

Within a few minutes of playing the game, your character does indeed become dishonored. As in: he loses his honor. So it’s not just a clever name. The world of ‘Dishonored’ is grungy and full of rats. Rats who eat people. There’s apparently more than one way to play the game: you can be heavy-handed and kill everyone, or you can be stealthy and use non-lethal takedowns. Naturally, I chose the killing route. This is a world with man-eating rats. No way I’m playing it soft.

Not surprisingly, the holiday sales have caused my backlog to grow even bigger. So I’ll be back next Sunday for the first #BacklogSunday of the New Year. 7pm-ish on Twitter.

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