I played ‘The Punisher,’ a #BacklogSunday re-cap.

As I’ve said before, comic books aren’t my thing. I do remember that a friend had a copy of, I believe, Volume 1 of the Punisher Armory, which had drawings and descriptions of all the weapons The Punisher uses. I spent a lot of time flipping through that book. Kinda wish I had a copy now. Since seeing 2004’s The Punisher movie starring Thomas Jane, and the excellent Punisher: Warzone (directed by Lexi Alexander, who I’ve enjoyed following on Twitter) starring Ray Stevenson, I’ve become a fan of the Punisher character and his antics.


I have a copy of ‘The Punisher’ for the PS2 somewhere. When I developed a hankering to play it for Backlog Sunday, I couldn’t locate it. So I paid a visit to my local used games store, Live Action Games here in Champaign, and picked it up, somewhat reluctantly, for the old Xbox. See, I wasn’t sure my old Xbox even worked anymore. At the store, the clerk shared a bit of ‘The Punisher’s’ development history. Seems he used to work for Volition, the Champaign-based developer of ‘The Punisher.’ I like talking videogames with people.

I dug out my Xbox, plugged it into my TV and an Elgato Game Capture HD, and fired it up. And damned if that old machine didn’t work perfectly! Well, almost perfectly. The clock wasn’t set, and won’t stay set, but game-wise, it worked flawlessly. Impressive for such an old machine with so many moving parts.

‘The Punisher’ came out around the same time as the Thomas Jane movie, and the game character is voiced by Mr. Jane. The game looks pretty good, and is indeed quite violent. Shooting bad guys is pretty easy, requiring little effort in aiming. Then you have the interrogations, which if done properly can yield useful information. I got a bit carried away with some of them and prematurely (and gruesomely) killed the subject. Oh well.

For now, I’m gonna leave my Xbox plugged in and continue playing this game. I hear there’s some other Marvel characters in it, and I wanna see them. Next week, I’ll be back with another game from my backlog, and this one will require some special hardware. So expect to see some pictures of me and my various game peripherals. And I may be in costume. Sunday, 7pm-ish on Twitter.

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