I played a bit of ‘Far Cry 4.’

In a sentence: “’Far Cry 4’ is like ‘Far Cry 3,’ only more.”

Yes, I know I said I’d wait to buy ‘Far Cry 4.’ And I did. For about five days.

I wrote a thing about ‘Far Cry 3’ after I finished it (here). I enjoyed ‘3,’ though I hated the protagonist. In ‘Far Cry 4,’ the protagonist hasn’t done anything to make me hate him, so that’s good. The rest of the game is, well, almost exactly like ‘Far Cry 3.’


Though that’s not necessarily a bad thing. ‘Far Cry 3’ had a lot going for it. It’s a formula that works. I played a mission in ‘4’ last night that was identical to one in ‘3,’ so that was a little annoying. Activities are similar, weapons are similar, we get some new animals, a few new vehicles (gyrocopter!), and a HUGE new world. Worth the $60? I think so.

It’s not perfect. I had some trouble with the game saving my progress, and I’ve been having some weird graphical glitches running in SLI (to even get it playable in SLI required an odd workaround). But it’s plenty stable, having crashed not once during my multi-hour sessions.

On the subject of that huge world, it’s been a heck of a lot of fun just walking around and exploring. Which is why I’m probably not even close to finishing it. I’ve also been playing “nature photographer.” I’d seen some work done by other players on Twitter, and some of them really have an excellent eye for it. Very well done. I figured I’d share some of my snaps from Kyrat, all taken in-game and tweaked just a bit in Photoshop. Enjoy. Click to enlarge.


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