I played ‘Rage,’ a #BacklogSunday re-cap.

id Software has been around for a while. I remember getting my hands on a ‘Doom’ ShareWare floppy disk, years after it came out, so I could play it on my new Packard Bell PC at home (from a rent-to-own place; my parents were not the most financially-savvy people). I  also remember reading about co-founder John Carmack and his insane programming skills. He’s over at Oculus now, and id Software is now under the umbrella of Zenimax Media. Times do change, don’t they.


‘Rage’ takes place in a world that’s been devastated by an asteroid. That’s good enough for me; I love the apocalypse. You play as a guy that had been put in stasis pre-impact, and wakes up in the wasteland. You drive around in a buggy that you can put guns on (sweet!) and poke around ruins looking for loot and completing missions.

The world of ‘Rage’ looks pretty good, which is to say the ugliness of the post-apocalypse is rendered here with great skill. I had some significant problems when I first tried to play this game, but my problems were all due to running the game on two video cards in SLI. Didn’t work so well. I had similar problems with ‘Watch Dogs,’ having to resort to running the game on a single GPU to keep it running stable. Frame rate, in ‘Watch Dogs,’ wasn’t so great on a single GPU. ‘Rage,’ on one GPU, ran like butter.

Rage_02And ‘Rage’ is a fun game, full of interesting people, and the vehicular combat element is pretty well done. I don’t typically like racing in videogames that aren’t racing games (the compulsory racing missions in, say, the ‘Grand Theft Auto’ games really piss me off), and ‘Rage’ does make you race in order to earn upgrades for your buggy. The good news is that the racing in ‘Rage’ is actually a hoot. Which is a relief. Hate to have to rage-quit over that (see what I did there?).

Next week, another selection from my backlog. 7pm-ish on Twitter.

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