3 Holiday Shopping Tips

My wife, a Massage Therapist, offers some tips on reducing stress for the holidays. Which is good advice, regardless of the season. I personally avoid the stress by not shopping, but for some, this is not an option. So take care of yourself!

Restoring Balance Massage Therapy and Yoga

Happy holidays! Happy ‘getting stressed out, trying to do too many things and please everyone’ season!

Oh, wait. That doesn’t sound too great…

Nip stress in the bud

Let’s take care of that stress first, because less stress means a happier you. A you who is better able to take care of all the people who depend on you! A you who can enjoy the holiday fun, parties, and gift giving. So get a massage, take some time for your favorite yoga class, meditate, do whatever makes you happy.

Stick to a budget

Much of the holiday stress people feel can be attributed to money woes. Make a list and check it twice, making sure the gifts you choose are within your budget reach. And when you’re tempted to overspend, remember that things are rarely as meaningful as a kind thought or gesture.

Shop local

Shy away from…

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