I played ‘Kentucky Route Zero,’ a #BacklogSunday re-cap.

It’s kind of a difficult task to put my thoughts about ‘Kentucky Route Zero’ into words. One person, when I mentioned the game, asked me if it was about horses. I said it wasn’t, but now that I’ve played some of it, I’m not sure I could definitively say what the game is about.


Which isn’t a bad thing. The art and narrative styles in ‘Zero’ are unique, refreshingly so, and I really can’t see why I waited so long to play it. I bought it during one of Good Old Games’ sales. Since GOG is out of the country, and my bank (the bastards) likes to charge me Foreign Transaction Fees on my credit card when I buy from them, I try to get as many games on one transaction as possible. Just one more thing conspiring to my extensive backlog.

Usually, with a game released episodically, I like to wait until all parts are released before I start it. ‘Kentucky Route Zero’ is planned to be five acts in length, and only three have been released. But I didn’t know that when I started last night.

KR0_02No matter. ‘Kentucky Route Zero’ had me hooked within the first minute. The plain white text of the titles, the art style, the strange narrative. It all works to create an immersive and occasionally uncomfortable experience. I am truly looking forward to playing this further, even if it’s not yet finished.

ThanksGaming happens this week. I’ll be making a turkey and playing games all day. Possibly watching football, too. And I’ll be back with another game from my backlog on Sunday, 7pm-ish on Twitter.

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