I played ‘The Secret World,’ a #BacklogSunday re-cap.

One of the things about picking a game from my backlog every Sunday and playing it for a few hours is that while I start a lot of games, I don’t finish very many. That’s okay. A broader variety of experiences is something I think I need in my gaming life. I tend to play the same stuff over and over, firing up, for example, ‘Skyrim’ and spending several hours wandering around and looking at trees and snow. I dislike change, I suppose. So Backlog Sunday is a good way to break habits and expand my worldview, game-wise. So what if I don’t finish all of them?


In the case of last night’s game, ‘The Secret World,’ there was never a chance of finishing it anyway. It’s an MMORPG from Funcom. I never really gave much thought to online RPGs. Too much of an investment in time. I always figured I’d be a lone newbie in a crowd of hardcore, upper-level fanatics.

‘The Secret World’ wasn’t like that, at least the bits I’ve seen. It was easy to get started, for which I was supremely thankful. I had some trouble with moving around at first, having spent far too much time away from WASD-based controls (yes, even on the PC, I prefer the gamepad). Once I got the hang of it, I was having a pretty good time. The story seems to be pretty interesting, and I loved the dialogue during the cutscenes. It was all a bit more grown-up than I was expecting. I liked it.

But I probably won’t play it much. I’m not saying I don’t want to, it’s that with so many other games vying for my attention (‘Destiny,’ ‘Alien: Isolation,’ still working on ‘Watch Dogs’), I just don’t see me firing it up much in the future. Maybe I will. Probably won’t.

Same time next week on Twitter. I may be in an indie mood.

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