I (we) played ‘LEGO Marvel Super Heroes,’ a #BacklogSunday re-cap.

Comic books aren’t my thing. They used to be, though I didn’t have much of a collection. I’ve been away from it for decades. And when I did read comics, they weren’t Marvel.

Lego, on the other hand, were very much my thing. I’d probably still be playing with them if I owned any. At age 34.

I really enjoy all the Lego video games. The ones I’ve played, anyway. I haven’t played the Harry Potter ones, ‘cause I’m not too keen on that universe. But the others are great. Indiana Jones, Batman, Star Wars. And now Marvel.

LEGO® MARVEL Super Heroes_20141006103228

My wife Karyn joined me on the couch for ‘Lego Marvel Super Heroes’ last night. Neither of us know a whole lot about the expansive Marvel universe. We’d seen all the recent Marvel movies, but only the ones pertaining to the Avengers (no Guardians of the Galaxy or Fantastic Four, or even Spiderman). I also haven’t seen any X-men movies since the first one, so all I really know of that universe is what I picked up from the old cartoon and the Genesis game.

But no matter. ‘Lego Marvel Super Heroes’ is great fun, even if I have no idea who some of these people are. It’s been a while since I played a Lego game with someone, so that alone made the experience an absolute joy, even if the split-screen is a little weird. It isn’t top-bottom or left-right, but dynamic, with no split if the characters are close enough together, or it’ll split the screen in any direction depending on where your characters are. It can get a little disorienting.

When ‘Lego Batman: Beyond Gotham’ comes out, I think I’ll be picking that up on the PS4. Two-player is possible on my PC, but far more comfortable on the PS4. And the Lego games are so much more fun with two players.

I’ll be back next week, probably solo, on Twitter around 7pm-ish.

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