I played ‘Mirror’s Edge,’ a #BacklogSunday re-cap.

I remember watching my brother play ‘Mirror’s Edge’ on the Xbox 360. I don’t think he had as much trouble with the game as I did. Holy crap, was I struggling.


‘Mirror’s Edge’ is first-person game where you play as Faith, a free-runner. But you probably already knew that. I don’t know why it took me so long to fire this game up. Now that I have, I kinda wish I hadn’t. So much trial-and-error. So much plummeting to my death.

At first, I questioned my skills. Maybe, I thought, I’m having a bad night. But after replaying a particular sequence a dozen times (no exaggeration) only to have Faith miss grabbing a cable every time due to, apparently, my missing the mark by the tiniest of margins, I decided that ‘Mirror’s Edge’ just isn’t meant to be fun. If it were just a little more forgiving, it would be a blast. As it is, I’m not all that interested in continuing. I was intrigued by the story, but not enough to keep going. I did love the look of the game, though.

I hear there’s a sequel in the works. Maybe that’ll be different. In the meantime, I’m still playing through ‘Assassin’s Creed IV,’ which has more enjoyable parkour elements. Or I could watch District B13 again. I liked that one. Next week, I’ll be back with something else, 7pm-ish on Twitter.

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