I played ‘Brütal Legend,’ a #BacklogSunday re-cap.

This is my 8th entry in the weekly Backlog Sunday series! It’s been a heck of a lot of fun so far. I figure I’ll take a moment to re-visit those first seven games, see if my first impressions held and whether or not I continued playing them:

  • The Sims 3’ – this is still great for a bit of levity. I know ‘The Sims 4’ was released recently, but I don’t think I’m enough of a fan of the series. ‘The Sims 3’ is just fine for me.
  • The Darkness 2’ – I played this a few more times, but still haven’t finished it. There’s a few spots that are pretty tough to get through. Still, the story is keeping my interest, so I expect to keep going with this one.
  • Hector: Badge of Carnage’ – Finished the first season that first night, and sat down to play the second season shortly after. Haven’t finished it yet, but I will. It fits the bill nicely when I need a casual laugh.
  • Beyond: Two Souls’ – This one’s kinda sad. My PS3 is still not working properly, so while I did continue with the game, I didn’t play for very long. I do want to finish this one, so I better figure something out.
  • Metro 2033’ – This one didn’t hold my interest. I love the bleakness, but I haven’t really had the desire to fire it back up since I first played it.
  • Aliens: Colonial Marines’ – Gone. Deleted. Forgotten.
  • The Walking Dead: Season Two’ – Last week’s Backlog Sunday entry, and I’ve since finished it. I tackled one episode a night for five consecutive nights. Amazing experience, and highly recommended.

Which brings us to last night’s game, ‘Brütal Legend.’ This has been sitting in my Steam library for a while. I’d played the demo on the XBox 360 back when the game was first released, and while I enjoyed it, I never got around to actually buying the game until it showed up as part of a Humble Bundle. And then it just sat there.


‘Brütal Legend’ comes from Double Fine Productions and stars Jack Black as the voice of the main character (looks like him, too), Eddie Riggs. Eddie’s a roadie who gets transported to a world of heavy metal. There, he fights evil alongside a group of rebels. The game world is awash in heavy metal staples (hot rods, chains, fire) and is populated by headbangers with huge necks (and I mean HUGE necks) and a handful of hard rock giants like Lemmy and Ozzy. It’s pretty freakin’ sweet.

brutallegend2Gameplay’s a mix of adventuring with a bit of real-time strategy and a story that serves as kind of a love-letter to music and the power of rock. It all works together beautifully. I’ve never played anything like it. And after a week playing ‘Destiny,’ I needed something less generic. ‘Brütal Legend’ is great fun.

And let’s not forget the music. The Humble Bundle purchase got me a copy of the score by Peter McConnell, which is pretty sweet, but it’s the selection of licensed tracks that really makes ‘Brütal Legend’ something special. I heard great songs from Megadeth, Black Sabbath, and Testament during my playthrough last night, but the track list has a whole bunch of awesome stuff on it: Static-X, Motörhead, Slayer, Anthrax. The soundtrack alone is enough to keep playing this game. So I shall.

Next week, I’ll be back with another game on Backlog Sunday, 7pm-ish on Twitter.

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