I played ‘The Darkness 2:’ a #BacklogSunday re-cap.

As many of us know, the sales on videogames that pop up around the holidays are just the worst. So many games, so damn cheap. But not enough hours in the day for them. This was why I started doing this whole Backlog Sunday thing. I knew I needed to set aside some time to get through all these games.


Last night’s selection was ‘The Darkness 2.’ I never played the first one, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. The game started with a “Previously on The Darkness,” with a crazy-looking dude running down the events of the first game alongside some comic book-style artwork. Then it was time to play.

TheDarkness02You play as Jackie, a guy possessed with The Darkness and the head of an organized crime family. This is totally the Mafia from the movies, and the game is full of mobster clichés. There’s characters named Vinnie and Fat Tony and Jimmy the Grape. It’s entertaining, if a bit absurd, but as it turns out, there may be a good reason for all the stereotyping.

The gameplay is, in a word, gruesome. You’ve got your own two hands, each of which can wield a gun, plus a pair of demon arms capable of tearing guys in half and eating their hearts. You get a decent variety of baddies, plus a bit of leveling-up in the form of a skill-tree. Oh, and there’s The Darkling, a little demon dude that helps you out. It’s all done using a neat cel-shaded look and some pretty good music.

TheDarkness03Storywise, there’s talk of The Brotherhood and the Syphon of something-or-other and a zombified guy named Victor who wants the Darkness for himself. The further I got, the more interesting it all started to become, and this is one I’m looking forward to finishing. Would’ve done it last night, but sleep was calling.

I must say, ‘The Darkness 2’ was a good choice for Backlog Sunday. I’ll be back with another one next Sunday around 7pm, so don’t forget to follow along on Twitter.

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