I played ‘The Sims 3:’ a #BacklogSunday re-cap.

Author’s Note: I’ve decided to spend my Sunday evenings for the foreseeable future playing a game from my extensive backlog and Tweeting about it under the hashtag #BacklogSunday. I’ll be re-capping the experience here every following Monday.

Sims3In the days leading up to last night, I’d finished my playthrough of ‘The Last of Us: Remastered’ and re-watched the final season of Breaking Bad. In both, a whole lot of bad stuff happens, and it all left me feeling a bit weird. Like I had grime on my soul. So my choice to play ‘The Sims 3’ for my first #BacklogSunday made sense. I needed cheering up.

Well, it worked. In fact, just hearing the first few bars of the in-game music made me feel better. I’d owned ‘The Sims 3’ for a really long time, and even acquired a few add-ons for it, but it just never really held my attention for very long when I tried to play it.

ScreenshotFor last night’s session, I picked up the ‘Pets’ add-on so I could have a cat in the game. I made a character that looked like me (sort of; I may have taken some liberties) and a cat that looked my cat Gabrielle. I figured I’d play as if this were an alternate universe where I was single and living in the city. And of course, in this universe, I’d still have my cat; Gabrielle’s been with me since I was 17. I got a job as a musician, bought a nice TV, and I actually plan on returning to this game later. In other words, I was having fun. But it was time to change things up.

So I created a character named Walter White and made him evil. Yes, there’s a personality trait called ‘evil.’ Also one called ‘genius,’ so I had one of those, too. I made him look like the character from Breaking Bad, although mine ended up looking up a bit more cuddly in the world of The Sims. Also he didn’t have his pork-pie hat. Playing like this was not as much fun, unfortunately. The criminal career path didn’t seem very criminal-y. And he burned his waffles when he tried to make breakfast. How does Walter White burn waffles? Anyway, that particular character probably needs more time to progress. A few more hours with it, and Walter White can be the kingpin he was destined to be.

As I said, I plan on returning to the world of ‘The Sims 3.’ It worked to cheer me up, and I was actually giggling at some of the interactions my character was having with his cat. It’s not a game you can finish; if your Sim characters aren’t progressing, or their life gets boring, you can always start over. It only ends when you turn it off. I like that.

Next week, I’ll probably pick something darker. Back to form, in other words. Follow along on Twitter, starting around 7pm CDT next Sunday.

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