I yearn for Sara Bareilles…to record a metal album.

saraBmetalWhich may be kinda silly, but so what? It’s fun to dream. I’m not saying she should do a metal album. It’s never cool to tell a creator what to do (or how to do what they do). It’s just one of those ideas that get stuck in your mind and seem like such great ideas. It makes sense, you know?

I’ll back up a bit.

The first time I heard Sara Bareilles sing was on the radio, specifically her song “Love Song,” way back in 2007. I don’t normally listen to the pop stations, but you really can’t avoid them. I worked at a college bookstore at the time, and like any retail establishment, they needed to pipe something through the speakers. A pop station is a safe choice, so that’s what we got. Most of it I tuned out, but when I heard Sara Bareilles sing, I was enchanted. I didn’t know her name, had no idea who she was or what she looked like. I just loved her voice. This being pop music, I imagined her being the product of some record producer, another throwaway act for the label.

But I was wrong. Very wrong.

saraBTwitterSo I’m a fan. No question.

Recently, she took over the @SaraBFans Twitter account to answer questions, and she actually answered one of mine (a high point of my Twitter experience). And according to the WordPress analytics, the short post I put up a while back about the origins of the name of her latest album, “The Blessed Unrest,” is regularly found through Google by people searching for, say, “sara bareilles blessed unrest quote.” I get lots of hits, and as a fan, I’m pretty proud of that. I’ve had several in the last 24 hours, and the post is over a year old.

And I can’t forget to mention her show at Madison Square Garden a few weeks ago that I was lucky enough to attend. Wow. And I may have seen in attendance a certain other Sara from a certain Canadian musical duo of which I am a HUGE fan (see below). But I can’t be sure because I need new glasses.

So about the metal thing. See, I like a lot of different types of music. I imagine most people understand that, but not everyone. There was this guy. White guy, maybe late thirties, with thick-rimmed glasses and long, curly (permed, I believe) hair. He was working security at the Vic in Chicago where my wife and I saw Tegan and Sara in June. I’d put the whole trip together myself. I am a HUGE Tegan and Sara fan, and they were playing two nights back-to-back in Chicago. I got tickets for both. I had to.

But this guy. On night number one, I wore a Deftones shirt. On that one piece of evidence, this guy must’ve believed that he had me all figured out.

“Deftones?” he said, as he patted me down for, I assume, weapons.

“Yessir,” I said.

“Not here, not tonight,” he said. Then he saw my wife, who had been getting patted down by someone else, and had stepped over to join me. “Oh, she dragged you here?” he said.

“No, I dragged her here,” I said.

He had nothing to say to that. His eyes lost their focus on me for a second as he tried to process. I left him to it, thinking “Man. A Deftones-Tegan and Sara collaboration would be killer.”

I’ve got a pretty active imagination. My therapist can back that up. Much of my battle with anxiety can be directly blamed on my imagination, which never seems to take a break. And sometimes I imagine Sara Bareilles covering a metal song, or writing one of her own with some heavy guitars to let out some aggression (it works for me). It’s a welcomed, happy thought. That voice, man. She can surely do anything.

Don’t get me wrong. Sara Bareilles is perfect just the way she is. Neither her nor her career really need a metal song. I just think it’d be cool. Maybe I didn’t need a whole blog post to explain it, but I’m sure you got your money’s worth.

(image from “Sara Bareilles Brave Enough: Live at the Variety Playhouse.” Used without permission, but it’s totally cool.)

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