I have some thoughts on Chevelle’s new album.

la gargolaIt’s not often I get an album early. Or anything early, really. Most albums/movies/games I can’t even manage to procure on release day. No matter, because this time I got lucky. I preordered Chevelle’s new CD straight from the band, and got it on Saturday, a few days before it was due to be released.

It’s called “La Gárgola,” and I like it. Really not much more to say about it than that. I won’t bother reviewing it, because, well, I hate music critics. Okay, “hate” is a strong word. Rephrase: I have an immense distaste for music critics. Better.

Ever read a music review? They’ve got a few simple rules: keep a thesaurus handy, and no fewer than two obscure band references per review. It’s rubbish. All criticism has a hint of cooler-than-thou attitude, but music critics are the worst. That whole hipster vibe really gets my goat. All those obscure references, the fancy words; it’s the columnists’ equivalent of covering the back of your car with stickers from places you’ve never been. Gah!

Anyway, go buy “La Gárgola” by Chevelle. Not now, of course, but maybe tomorrow (April 1st). You’ll thank me.





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