I played ‘Saints Row IV,’ and this is my spoiler-free review.

‘Saints Row IV’Image Credit: Deep Silver

  • Developed by Volition, Inc. and Published by Deep Silver.

I am not someone who aspires to be President, and certainly not in a country that contains such dangerous cities as Stilwater and Steelport. Jeez. And that’s where you’ll start in ‘Saints Row IV,’ as the leader of the free world. And then the aliens show up, after which you are kidnapped, dropped into a simulation of Steelport, and given super powers. All of this happens alongside the series’ signature edgy humor, open-world mayhem, and nutshot-based melee combat. If that sounds weird, you must not have ever played a ‘Saints Row’ game. Which doesn’t make you a bad person, just a lame one. ‘Saints Row IV’ was rumored as being little more than an expanded version of a canceled add-on for ‘Saints Row the Third,’ but if you’re worried about getting your money’s worth, don’t be. While the campaign in ‘Saints Row IV’ may be a bit shorter than the one in ‘SR3,’ it’s a heck of a lot of fun. Not to mention funny; there’s one cameo so damn funny I shot Pumpking out of my nose (that’s a pumpkin ale made by Southern Tier Brewing, in case you didn’t know). Now that’s funny. When’s the last time anything made beer shoot out of your nose, let alone a video game? Aside from super powers, the game adds a bunch of new alien weapons along with a new weapons customization system. The game looks quite pretty on the PC, slightly less so on the Xbox 360, and not-so-great on the PS3, so take your pick. Buy it, play it, and thank me later.

Author’s Disclaimer: I have a brother and some friends who work at Volition. I respect those guys too much to bullshit them. If the game sucked, I’d tell ’em.

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