I created an FAQ about me.

I’ve been quite busy with things, mostly life-related, which sucks because I haven’t had much time to work on anything game-related. What a pisser. But I’ve got some time now, and I figure I’d keep my typing skills sharp by writing a blog post. And since I don’t have much in the way of news, I’ll just talk about me. These are questions I am occasionally asked, although I may have made up one or two of them just so I could talk about a particular subject (how’s that for honesty?).

What’s your favorite color?

Do you really think video games are better than real life?
Sometimes. It’s easy to get drawn into a video game world and wish you could live there, because video game worlds tend to be less complicated than real life. But there are things about the real world that could never be replicated in a video game, no matter how technologically advanced they get. I guess I’d much rather be playing video games (or perhaps making them) than working forty hours a week just so I can pay my bills and keep my house and electricity so I have somewhere to sleep so I can get up every morning and go to work. Still, video games, no matter how immersive, are no substitute for real human interaction.

To what do you owe your dark hair and complexion?
My dad was Native American. My mom was white, but may have had some Italian in her, amongst other things. They moved us from Pennsylvania to western New York when I was five to live on an Indian reservation, which is a terrible place to live for someone with dark skin and a white mom. The tribal rules state that your mom needs to be Native American in order to be a member of the tribe. So my brothers and I were never fully accepted by the Native American population. But since we had the dark hair and skin, the white folks in the area who weren’t terribly enamored of the Native people looked down on us, too. Sweet deal, right? Now, when asked what race I am, I say “Human.” The rest is just biology.

Why is your hair falling out like that?
Alopecia areata. It’s an autoimmune disease that attacks hair follicles, causing the hair on my head and face to fall out in little circular clumps. I’ve had it since I was twenty-two or so, and it seems to come and go. There’s no known cause or cure. I’ve tried topical steroids, white iodine, garlic (at the suggestion of an old Greek projectionist I used to work with), just about everything. It’s not contagious, it’s not caused by stress, and it doesn’t cause any other health problems. It just makes your hair fall out, and when (if) it grows back, it might be white. My case is relatively mild. Some kids have all their hair fall out. As for me, I shave my head with a razor every other day so it’ll look okay.

What’s that sticker on your laptop, looks like an equal sign?
That is the symbol for the Human Rights Campaign. They are an organization that fights for equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered people. I strongly support marriage equality, as well as equal employment and immigration laws for LGBT people. I hope to become more vocal and active in the fight as I get older. I am also very interested in exploring the intersection of video games and LGBT issues.

So wait. Are you gay?
Let’s be clear: supporting marriage equality does NOT make someone gay. It just makes you a good person (or at least a better person). In the 2012 election, I actually voted entirely along those lines. That is, I voted for whichever candidate supported marriage equality. Seem foolish? I happen to think that supporting marriage equality for LGBT people says a lot about someone’s character. As for me, I only have eyes for my lovely wife. If she ever got wise and kicked my ass to the curb, things might be different. I think I’d be really, really busy. If I ever announce my divorce, buy stock in LifeStyles. Just kidding. Love you Karyn!

What’s your favorite video game?
All of them.

Okay. How about your favorite movie?
No favorites, but there are definitely some at the top of my list. “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” “Dr. Strangelove, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb,” and “The Goonies” are up there. I don’t really have any favorite filmmakers or actors either, but I do admire Steven Spielberg, Robert Rodriguez, Viggo Mortensen, Kathryn Bigelow, Duncan Jones, Tom Hardy, and many others. Joss Whedon ranks very high on my list as well, though he does more than just movies. That dude is the shit.

Favorite band?
In no particular order: Tegan and Sara, Coheed and Cambria, The Deftones. Also Chevelle, Sara Bareilles, The Tea Party, Funeral for a Friend, Silversun Pickups, and many, many more.

Favorite TV show?
I don’t watch TV. I watch ‘Mythbusters’ and ‘Futurama’ via online streaming, and ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ on DVD.

What’s in your gaming PC?
Intel Core i5 3750K at stock clock (for now), 8GB RAM, Gigabyte Geforce GTX 770 with 4GB RAM, 60GB SSD drive for the OS, 1TB HDD for games and music, 320GB HDD for project files. Main monitor is a 23” Dell UltraSharp. Averages 52 FPS in ‘Saints Row the Third’ at 1080p on “ultra.”

Quick: pitch some game ideas.
-Action RPG set in the “Blade Runner” universe, where you play as a rookie Blade Runner who hunts androids. Among the ‘most wanted’ list of renegade androids? Rachael Rosen, along with her accomplice Rick Deckard. Set in open-world Los Angeles, 2019.
-Fighting game that relies on timing rather than button-mashing (‘DDR’ or ‘Guitar Hero’ meets ‘Mortal Kombat’).
-Hovercraft racing in miles of sewers and mineshafts (‘Wipeout’ meets ‘Sewer Shark’).
-We definitely need more FMV games. ‘Night Trap’ needs a reboot.
(I used up all my creative energy on that first one)

Well, that’ll do for now. Maybe I’ll do another one someday. You’ve been warned.

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