I uploaded “Caffeine Cinema” as convenient, downloadable files.

My story didn’t get along with WordPress. And it wasn’t the length. The WordPress editor had problems with my complex formatting (if you consider line breaks complex). But that’s okay, because I’ve now made the story available as a PDF, as well as a couple of eBook formats. You can find these goodies here.

I used Scrivener to export the PDF and EPUB, then Calibre to convert the EPUB to a Kindle-friendly MOBI file. It all seemed to work pretty good, though without a Kindle of my own, I had to use the Kindle-For-PC app to test the file.

I will now likely take a short break from writing fiction and focus on video games. “Tomb Raider” comes out on Tuesday, and I’m willing to bet I’ll have something to say about it. So watch this space.

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