I wrote another short story, and this one is really long.

I haven’t posted on my blog in a while, but I haven’t been idle. I’ve been working on another short story. This one is called “Caffeine Cinema.” I was aiming for around five thousand words. The final count was around 15,000 words. I guess I didn’t know a whole lot about estimating length when I started planning this story, but that’s okay. That’s how you learn.

So the story is here, and I’ve decided to post the story in three parts. The first part is live now, and I’ll post the next two soon. Stay tuned.

I wrote all my notes and the first draft using Google Docs, or Drive, or whatever it’s called now. This was a convenient way to work, since it was available anywhere I had a web browser, but I started having problems with Docs/Drive slowing down after my modest story passed the ten-thousand word mark. I did my final edit in Scrivener, which was an absolute pleasure to use. I set my files to upload to my SkyDrive, so my workflow ended up being safe and quite efficient. I am currently planning on writing a full-length novel, and I plan on doing it in Scrivener, so I’ll post more about my experiences in the future. I’m really excited about this book.

Regarding “Caffeine Cinema”, I’ve actually been trying to write this thing for about eight years. The characters and main story elements first appeared in notes I wrote a long time ago. I really like how it turned out, and I’m absolutely stoked to finally share it with the Universe. Read it, share it, love it.

Author’s tip: “Caffeine Cinema” is best enjoyed while drinking coffee. Like every other activity in life.

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