Now Available: The Altars, a novel by Roy Claflin

The Altars, a new science fiction adventure novel from Roy Claflin, is now available on paperback, Kindle, and Kindle Unlimited.

From the back cover:

Dozens of flying saucers have landed all over the world. As UFO enthusiasts and selfie-seekers flock to the landing sites, Earth’s governments attempt to make contact, without success.

While the world waits for communication from the saucers, Wyck Phillips has a hunch their appearance may have something to do with the Altars, like the one his father brought home from the war.

To find out, he brings the Altar to tech journalist Sandra Park, who’s been tracking the mysterious, otherworldly devices her whole career. With the arrival of the flying saucers, she may finally get her answers.

But will anyone on Earth still be around to read her story?

Check out the first two chapters here.

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